We Are Yours (Single)

Band :
Title : We Are Yours- Single
Release Date : June 3, 2014
Format : Digital Download

After a series of worship services called “Revive”, held at Englewood Baptist Church, Brett wanted to write a song with the heartbeat of revival. This song is a declaration of our surrender to and pursuit of being more like Christ.

The Anthem

Band :
Title : The Anthem
Release Date : September 24, 2013
Format : CD

After “Over Every Name”, Brett wanted to created a project based on singable chants and anthems. With that in mind, these songs were picked and/or written to awaken hearts to the life found in the Spirit, gifted to us through the blood shed of Jesus Christ.

Over Every Name

Band :
Title : Over Every Name
Release Date : June 5, 2012
Format : CD

Serving as the worship leader for the youth ministry of Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, TN, Brett was asked to write theme songs for various events. This project is a collection of the different songs over his first year and a half of ministry at EBC.